Launched in December 2008, Scientology-cult was the first website where eye-witnesses to corrupt practices within the Church of Scientology spoke out as Scientologists to decry such abuses and protect people from harm. As such, it introduced several ground-breaking ideas including,

  • That the corruption of the Church of Scientology was due to a person not to the philosophy,
  • The Church of Scientology had stopped using its own philosophy—that was the problem,
  • That it was the responsibility of every Scientologist to put ethics in on corrupt group members at all levels,
  • That Scientology must be used to fix itself,
  • That if Scientologists refused to put in ethics, no one else would be able to penetrate the confusion,
  • That Scientologists had experienced a 3rd dynamic engram and it was our own job to audit it out using Group Dianetics,
  • That ex-members of the Church not only have the right to call themselves Scientologists but the duty to speak out against criminality, corruption and abuse occurring within,
  • That by speaking out each Scientologist could take a giant step toward recovering their honor and personal integrity,
  • That continued silence regarding these truths was a betrayal of Scientology's own mission to help.

Although these ideas were already inherent in Scientology itself, false data and a relentless barrage of propaganda had prevented most Scientologists from seeing the way out. With the launch of Scientology-cult, a wave of prominent Scientologists embraced these ideals and started speaking out first on Scientology-cult and later on Marty Rathbun's blog (which copied the pattern of Scientology-cult). And soon the Independent Movement was born. This new breed of Independent Scientologists not only wanted others to have the same wins and gains, but now they were doing something to prevent others from having the same loses and injury—two sides to the same coin.


Thanks to Scientology-cult, the crimes, corruption and abuses that stemmed primarily from the direct actions and orders of David Miscavige were understood to reflect his own harmful intentions and not the philosophy. For the first time it became clear that "Scientology" did not equal the "Church of Scientology."


Visited, studied and contributed to by hundreds of thousands with millions of hits, this dominant whistle-blowing website is itself an application of Scientology. It was designed to be a "multiple viewpoint system" to enable government officials, law enforcement and the media to get an accurate understanding of what the Church has been doing and who is behind it, by seeing the situation through the eyes of those on the ground. The multiple viewpoint system LRH Management Tech that he developed to run orgs but was subsequently abandoned by David Miscavgie.


The website was also designed to be a platform for running out the group engram of the destruction of the CoS by David Miscavige and his supporters by exposing what really happened and letting people talk about it. Its articles are the result of individuals looking at the Church and saying "it is a"—a therapeutic action called "itsa." Although the crimes revealed are ugly, the purpose is not to serve as the dramatization of victims, but the effort to protect the innocent, now and in the future.


Scientology-cult was named using what was at the time, the #2 most popular search phrase on the subject: "scientology cult." A cult is, of course, a criminal enterprise that operates as a religion.


The website contains more than 450 articles, videos and "knowledge reports" from reliable eye-witnesses to DM criminality. Here too is the popular Indie 500 list, designed to break the back of political disconnection used by the Church of Scientology to silence whistle blowers and stifle the exposure of crimes and abuse. In just 4 short years the site climbed to dominance and is generally within the top 20 websites (out of millions of search results) for "scientology," "david miscavige," "scientology cult," and many more.

The creator of this website set out to protect unsuspecting people by warning them of the Church of Scientology's unscrupulous nature. He has since moved on and is no longer involved in any aspect of Scientology nor the Independent Scientology movement. He lives in Dallas, Texas and owns a successful small business that provides conservation services.


Mike Rinder's Blog

The Church of David Miscavige is, under the guise of providing “freedom”, “happiness” and “human rights” doing precisely the opposite.  That the Church of Scientology today is practicing “Reverse Scientology” and through threats, squirrel technology and an unwavering dedication to materialism it is not merely failing to free people, it is trapping them in a prison of lies, dogma and “command intention” enforced by threats of disconnection and the fear of entrapment in life's dwindling spiral.

The church of Scientology fosters a culture of lies. To the media it claims there is no enforced disconnection, there are 10 million members, there is no culture of violence, the success of the “Ideal Org” campaign and massive “expansion,” and that all reports of human rights abuses are lies generated by a “handful of bitter defrocked apostates.”  Miscavige himself lies to Scientology staff and public at his international events, proclaiming year after year massive expansion all over the world that is not evident anywhere. His “Ideal Orgs” are failing, unable to pay their bills as the footsteps of the few staff echo in their empty halls. His “technical breakthroughs” are uniformly squirrel.

Mike has friends and family stuck in the trap, still hoodwinked by the lies yet scared to speak up or walk away. Unwilling to defy the thought police, they abandon friends and family for fear of incurring the wrath of the all-powerful church. The purpose of his blog is to,

  1. Expose the abuses ongoing in the church, through this blog, other media, law enforcement and elected officials to bring the abuses to an end.
  2. Help provide information to anyone looking for the truth about the church.
  3. Provide a forum for the exchange of information.


Rediscover Scientology

RediscoverScientology features selected articles from Scientology-cult.com and Marty's blog as an introduction to CoS criminality for people already in the Church. Scientologists can start here and graduate to Scientology-cult or Moving On Up a Little Higher for the full-blown facts.


It is the little sister of Scientology-cult for Scientologists who still have an ingrained aversion to the word “cult.” For the record, the only reason the Church is a cult today is because David Miscavige made it into a cult for financial gain.



Free and Able


Free and Able is a solution to economic warfare waged by David Miscavige against ex members of the Church of Scientology. If David Miscavige orders his lynch mob to string someone up, we can cut that economic noose by forming ourselves into a professional network of free and able individuals, helping each other to flourish and prosper. The website is based on a principle from an LRH lecture (paraphrased here), "All I ask is this: as you move up in Scientology, remember to take Scientology with you." We can take each other up.


Scientologists inside the CoS would envy the social and professional community we have in Independent Scientology. Real friends, genuine understanding, good communication, no financial stress, no connection to toxic groups, no "police" to censor your freedoms, and no body snatchers to recruit your kids only to have them disconnect from you. Here Independent Scientologists can advertise their services, products, skills or businesses to other Indies 100% FREE of charge. Here too anyone can find an auditor, Independent Scientology training center.


The Free and Able website was suggested by a friend based on an article on Scientology-cult about Independent Scientologists, "We use Scientology and operate on LRH principles while remaining totally independent, free and able."


Friends of LRH

Created anonymously, friendsoflrh.org states that it was created by some of the most highly-trained auditors and case supervisors in the world. Their stated purpose is the preservation of Scientology and their website is excellent. Launched in early 2009 the site was threatened by the Office of Special Affairs and ordered to shut down and turn over ALL records to the church — documents, logs, data entry sheets, applications, registration forms, billings statements or invoices, computer print-outs, disks, hard drives, etc. They did shut down while consulting a legal team and in the end discovered the site was utterly defensible. 


And so they came roaring back.




SaveScientology, another website created anonymously, claims to be created by a group of successful professionals who are highly trained in Scientology (ethics, tech and admin), OT, and who have made substantial contributions to the Church over the decades.


Its mission is to inform the Scientology community of the systematic destruction of all checks and balances put in place by LRH when he established the corporate and governing structure of Scientology organizations, and thereby to expose important vulnerabilities that can be exploited to depose Scientology's dictator and set things right.






Ronnie Bell
+2 # Ronnie Bell 2013-04-12 00:27
Might I suggest adding Scientology Reviews.com to this list? It certainly has earned inclusion here. Thanks!
Tony John
# Tony John 2015-08-23 19:26
I totally agree with this website. I am a blown member of the sea org on Sunset blvd. Los Angeles,Ca. I really like this website.

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