Well, the obvious answers are:

1. Go up the bridge within independent Scientology.

2. Continue to train -- there is no substitute for general, OT and auditor training.

3. If already trained, audit and train others. Form a group or mission with other well intentioned souls.

But not everyone will want to form a group or mission and LRH knew this, so what should the rest do?

The first thing to mention in answering that question is the fact that LRH never intended Scientologists to donate their life or life’s savings to the IAS. Quite the contrary, he had other ideas for Scientologists..

In HCOB 23 June, 1960, THE SPECIAL ZONE PLAN, The Scientologist’s Role in Life, LRH wrote:

Consider the position of the world. The story is often repeated on the whole track. As MEST is made to help too much, a plateau of civilization is reached in which the individual is downgraded to a number. The end of this – the lights eventually go out through lack of personal initiative and ability.

He went on to say:

Improvement is the common denominator of all our ideas. And of course each one has a zone of interest where he or she feels improvement is most needed or where he or she would be most comfortable in doing the work of improvement.

And added:

The largest majority of Scientologists should, I feel, consider themselves as “doctors” on the third and fourth dynamics. And if we work well at this, we will have answered all our various needs and brought it off on the third and fourth as well.

Finally, he said:

Our impact on society is already weighty. With Special Zone Plans we could move that impact up thousands of times greater and have in our present lifetimes our goals at least in part accomplished and a decent world to come back to again.

But whether you decide to audit others, start a group or work in your field of interest, remember we must NOT repeat the mistakes of corporate Scientology. Those mistakes are wonderfully summed up by LRH in HCO PL 17 June, 1969, PR series 36, THE ORG IMAGE, in which he said:

We will go as far as Dianetics and Scientology work in the hands of auditors and no further.

The enemy, lacking integrity, word of mouth and workable tech, has not won despite total control of governments, press, radio, TV and all standard PRO media, plus financing in terms of billions.

Thus we see there are three commodities above contemporary PRO concepts. These are:




All the PRO advices and directions will not prevail if the above three things are not an integral part of “the company” PRO planning.

PRO= Public Relations Officer

Today, corporate Scientology has no integrity, disastrous word of mouth and a destructive product.

To succeed, all we have to do as independent Scientologists is have and demonstrate integrity, distinguish ourselves from corporate Scientology in our word of mouth and deliver a workable and useful product in whatever zone we operate in.



# aleksey 2012-11-14 01:55
I think it is necessary (though will increase work) to give fers, where the note came from. Or we will be like CoS. We need to stay on Source and pay attention to not slamp into verbal Tech. Am I correct?
Paul Arnold
# Paul Arnold 2014-05-17 22:46
Are you guys established in the UK ?
# Thoughtful 2014-05-18 12:34
Paul, iScientology is not an organization. It is a movement. If you want to organize something please do. If you want to find an independent auditor, there are indeed some in the UK. You can read other articles in this site to get more oriented. Hope you find what you are looking for.
Paul James
# Paul James 2016-04-07 08:45
It seems that David Miscavige is an SP. Hence why they group he is in control of is acting so badly. I feel sorry for the people involved. Hope lies in Independent Scientology.

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