Independent Scientologists are not just Scientologists who practice Scientology outside the Church. Thousands of people have practiced "Scientology" outside the Church. It's been going on for decades. We are something new because in our opinion "practicing Scientology" includes perforce the necessity to do something about the corruption within the Church. If we don't, who will? Who is even qualified to figure out what to do?

In 1982, LRH noted that in HCOB 10 Aug 1982, OT MAXIMS,

THE POWER (defined as light-year kilotons per microsecond) OF A THETAN IS MEASURED IN BY NOTHING ELSE THAN THE DISTANCE (defined as spherical spatial length) AROUND HIM IN HIS ENVIRONMENT THAT HE CAN CONTROL. That is the power of a thetan; the totality of it, believe it or not.

Every Scientologist wants to move up to OT — the ability to operate as a thetan, meaning to influence the pertinent events and cause general outcomes through intentional thought (postulates, considerations and agreements). But the state of "OT" really has three component parts: Knowledge, Responsibility, Control.

These three elements make up the "Senior Triangle" of Scientology. Together they form three corners of a triangle. Increasing any one will also increase the other two. As a person moves up the Bridge they increase their knowledge and ability to control enormously. But when they don't also increase their level of responsibility — disaster! From HCO PL THE TOP TRIANGLE, 18 Feb 1972, Executive Series 8:

A being can of course run away from life (blow) and go sit on the backside of the moon and do nothing and think nothing. In which case he would need to know nothing, be responsible for nothing and control nothing. He would also be unhappy and he definitely would be dead so far as himself and all else was concerned. But, as you can't kill a thetan, the state is impossible to maintain and the road back can be gruesome.

The route up from death or apathy or inaction is to KNOW something about it, take some RESPONSIBILITY for the state one is in and the scene, and CONTROL oneself to a point where some control is put into the scene to make it go right. Then KNOW why it went wrong, take RESPONSIBILITY for it, and CONTROL it enough to make it go more toward an ideal scene.

...By inching up each corner of the KRC triangle bit by bit, ignoring the losses and making the wins firm, a being at length discovers his power and command of life.

The second triangle of the symbol of Scientology is well worth knowing.

It interacts best when used with high ARC. Thus the triangles interlock.

It is for use as well as all of Scientology.

By actual observation here is what happens when someone tries to go up the Bridge in the Church of Scientology while denying the subversion all around them: Person's knowledge and ability to control is increased enormously with every step up the Bridge. If they don't also raise their responsibility correspondingly, then the responsibility becomes to put ethics in on themselves because they feel they do not deserve the boost in knowledge and control. When a person intentionally holds one or more corners of his own triangle down, bad things can happen. People in the Church, for example, who have high K, R and C who DO NOT DO something about situations around them can often be seen to get sick and even die.

People are basically good. When they know they are doing wrong, no one puts them down harder than themselves.


One of the reasons that this society is dying and so forth is that it's gone too far out-ethics.

...Years ago I discovered and proved that man is basically good.

...When a person finds himself committing too many harmful acts against the dynamics, he becomes his own executioner. This gives us the proof that man is basically good. When he fines himself committing too many evils, then, causative, unconsciously or unwittingly, man puts ethics in on himself by destroying himself; and he does himself in without assistance from anybody else.

This is why the criminal leaves clues on the scene, why people develop strange incapacitating illnesses and why they cause themselves accidents and even decide to have an accident. When they violate their own ethics, they begin to decay. They do this all on their own, without anybody else doing anything.

To move up the Bridge in the Church without doing anything about the deplorable state of affairs is a recipe for cancer. Imagine going to Flag and doing the OT levels. You can bet that one or more of the very staff there were forced to ABORT (kill) their own unborn children or else suffer the degradation and humiliation of being sent off "to the worst failing org on the planet." Such public are literally walking up the Bridge on the faces of the staff members — volunteers — who are so caring they volunteer to help move others up the Bridge... and suffer horribly for it.

Here's a clue: it can't be done. And if you have ever wondered why so many Clears and OTs have died, the above explains it 100%.

So, no — an Independent Scientologist is NOT someone who simply does Scientology outside the Church. He or she is someone who will "KNOW why it went wrong, take RESPONSIBILITY for it, and CONTROL it enough to make it go more toward an ideal scene."

Every single person in the Church of Scientology is committing a continuous overt act by supporting and condoning the destruction of human lives and the the destruction of Scientology. LRH wrote in HCOB 29 Sep 1965 II THE CONTINUING OVERT ACT,

Pity the poor fellow who commits daily harmful acts.

He'll never make it.

The only way one can move up the Bridge today is by knowing what is going on, taking some responsibility for it, and controlling it enough to improve conditions. Hence the "independent Scientologist" DOES take some responsibility. And the reward of doing so is greatly accelerating one's attainment of OT.



Bob Harris
# Bob Harris 2012-10-18 08:25
First time on this site. This is a very simple and practical approach to a seemingly complex and disturbing problem. I have seen firsthand what you describe. Many people I know either died or are on their way out. All pre-OTs or OTVIIIs. Good for those who are deprogramming themselves.
+1 # marildi 2012-10-19 02:05
Steve, I am reminded of the chapter “Reversal” in Marty’s first book, where he points out various things that caused a change in Scientology away from the original and basic goal of personal freedom. That goal would obviously include the right to choose one’s own ethical activities and purposes. Specifically, “ethics is a personal thing”.

One of the turning points Marty listed was the shift LRH made when he issued “An Open Letter to Clears” – suddenly Clears were being told what their responsibilities were. I have no problem with anyone taking on the valid purpose of doing something about the evils of the CoS, but I do have a problem with stating this as part of “practicing Scientology” and as a requirement for being an Independent Scientologist. I was VVGI’s about this new site until I came across this idea.
# Thoughtful 2012-10-19 10:43
All I said is that an Independent Scientologist is someone who does take some responsibility. Are you not doing that already? I think you are already doing it, and I'm just saying that is what makes you different.
Tim Roland
+1 # Tim Roland 2012-10-21 17:58
If a person culls though the tech vols you can find quotes and references to support just about any pet idea or cause. Not that is wrong to do, but assert that it is limited in scope. Also I could if I choose find my references to support a different position. Amply forgetting full context of course in both cases. To seek a fuller understanding of a situation I suggest reading The Dianetics Auditor’s Bulletin, Volume 2, No. 8 February, 1952 by title Cause and Effect from a Lecture by L. Ron Hubbard. It can be found in the Tech Vols 1950 – 1953. Serious business, this current management. ;) Tim Roland

In the fields of theta and MEST there are certain causes which are looked upon
as natural laws or parts of a system. Operating within a group consistently following
within these laws, the individual survives well; but trying to operate within a group
which is unobservant of these laws, the individual is made an effect.
During the war, one man-of-war was used as a laboratory for learning how
groups of men operate under stress, and whether the old naval code of the flog and brig
are necessary for handling men. When one hundred and ten men were challenged with
the idea that they could survive the war if each and every one of them took full
responsibility for the ship, one hundred ten men arose to the challenge. Order came
upon the ship. Seamen Second Class whipped their deck into perfect cleanliness to
enable them to point out grease spots in the engine room. A court of justice was
organized on the men’s own volition, and no further justice was needed from the
captain. They invented and imposed regulations resulting in satisfactory discipline.
Basic to such unqualified success was the theory that every individual is cause on all
dynamics, and when he is no longer able to be cause, he fails. Individuals work better
together when each one knows he is cause and is permitted to operate as such. They
cease bickering and work out a smooth operation when each functions as “I am. “ They
forget the interplay of wishing onto one another the less tasteful tasks which are
necessary in any well-running organization.
Through the pattern of social training human beings have been taught that in
order to get compliance and cooperation from another individual that individual must be
threatened with starvation, loss of security, cuts in pay and other scarcities. But
individuation gives power. When one is worrying about his own power, he is a sick
man. When he tries to rule for the sake of ruling, he is afraid to be cause. He so
distrusts others around him that he cannot feel safe unless he has complete control over
them. Exemplary of these were Hitler, Napoleon and Alexander the Great.
These points are all very pertinent to dianetic processing.
Those undergoing processing have been raised in an atmosphere dominated by
one individual around whom others were an effect. The auditor must discover whether
his preclear is still trying to be cause, or if he has resigned himself to being effect.
# Thoughtful 2012-10-21 18:52
Tim, thank you for taking the time to provide this great reference that really explains the exact basic on which Independent Scientology was conceived, and has expanded. LRH always says it better than anyone. Beautiful!
# EH 2013-02-08 18:40
For years I have been of the mind: "I have no problems with LRH and his teachings, just with the organization currently known as the Church of Scientology." I thought I was the only one, an "ex" Scientologist who still believed in LRH's teachings. Then I found this website. I'm blown away that there are others like me!
# Thoughtful 2013-02-08 19:05
EH, Glad to hear it and welcome!
# Neeki 2016-05-19 15:34
What if someone is new to Scientology? Where do you start without the church? With dianetics and the fundamentals of thought maybe? I've recently gotten Interested in Scientology and I've gotten a few basic tools from my local church but won't be returning.
# Neeki 2016-05-19 15:40
If you're new to Scientology where do you begin without the church? I got some basic tools from a local church but will not be returning. I agree with some teachings and look forward to learning more.
# Neeki 2016-05-19 15:43
Where does a new independent pre-clear begin in Scientology without the church?
# Elon 2018-03-22 14:05
Hi Neeki, if you are interested in getting up the bridge. Please leave me a message to . We are the group of the highly trained auditors who left the church and work as Independent Scientologist.

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