by Joe Howard

Dan Koon (aka Joe Howard) today


John Aaron Williams (Jimmy Rebel) and I have been working for some time now to make it possible for people to do auditor training outside of the formal Church of Scientology, which many feel has become so weighed down with arbitraries and extraneous demands on their time and bank balances as to make it virtually impossible to learn the subject.

For over 12 years I worked in the LRH Technical Research and Compilations Unit in the Senior C/S International Office in the Sea Org. I was in the unit while LRH was on the lines directing the unit and worked there for an additional 10 years after he passed away.

LRH’s viewpoint on training was that training should be fast and auditing should be more drawn out, both receiving and giving. In other words, people should train in order to learn how to audit and while gaining experience as auditors they would become better while continuing to improve their knowledge of and ability to apply the technology.

The Year of Tech Breakthroughs: 1978

In 1978, LRH undertook a review of Academy training. He found that the Academy Levels had become overly long and had become a mish-mash of all kinds of tech not, strictly speaking, related to Academy Level training, which was supposed to be directed towards teaching students to audit the Expanded Lower Grades, ARC Straightwire through Grade 4.

It is understandable how this occurred. After 1968, which had been the previous time a checksheet evolution was done, there were a ton of tech breakthroughs and developments: Word Clearing, Standard Dianetics, Int Rundowns, the C/S Series, Expanded Grades, PTS/SP tech and on and on. Many of the developments related to all auditing in general and so many bulletins wound up appearing on Academy Levels checksheets.

By 1978, a Class IV auditor was trained to do Int Rundowns, C/S 53s, PTS Rundowns, Expanded Green Form 40s and much else. He or she was the equivalent of today’s Class V Graduate with all the Tech Specialist Courses to boot. Auditor training had become overlong. LRH’s solution was to shorten checksheets and concentrate them on specific bodies of tech or rundowns. The basic auditor training lineup would still remain Academy Levels 0-IV but if an auditor found he needed to do an Int Rundown, he could do a quick course that taught only that and get right back to auditing.

So, in overseeing the compilation of the 1978 Academy checksheets, LRH mandated that the number of issues on those checksheets could not exceed the number of issues that appeared on the 1968 checksheets, which had been the last set he reviewed. Many issues not specifically relevant to delivery of Expanded Lower Grades were stripped from the checksheets.

RTRC complied with those directions and checksheets were released in the fall of 1978. I didn’t work on these as I was not in the unit at that time. But I did compile the 1987 checksheets when Academy training was once again updated to incorporate the Tech Films. These checksheets adhered to the LRH datum restricting the number of issues that could appear and also included the appropriate Tech Films for each level and improved the demos, drills and practical assignments over the ’78 compilations.

When John approached me to assist in his project it became clear that the 1987 checksheets should form the basis of what we have today under the heading of Independent Checksheets. Many auditors trained on these checksheets and copies are all over the internet. Another checksheet evolution was done in 1996 as part of the Golden Age of Tech program but those incorporate all the Standard Tech Drills, which are not currently available in the independent field.

The 1987 checksheets are good, standard training checksheets that made auditors who could get results on pcs. They do not require a separate metering course such as the current Professional Metering Course being delivered in the church but instead include the meter drills necessary to audit the tech taught at each level. The Professional Metering Course is loaded with arbitraries and some students have spent years trying to pass the dating drills and final assessment video. Most Expanded Grades processes require only the metering skills necessary to spot an instant read and an F/N, since the vast majority of processes are repetitive processes.

The goal, then, with these checksheets is to provide an auditor training lineup that anyone can follow to learn the mechanisms of the mind and gain the skills needed to apply LRH’s breakthroughs to help others. We intend to make this lineup broadly available and John has plans in place to make quality training affordable at very reasonable costs.

Getting Scientology back on the rails

In an utterly misguided and off-Source effort to attain “perfection,” the church has placed so many obstacles in the way of auditor training that they are choking off the practice of Scientology, which is the entire point of the subject--practice. Application. The runway to application is so long now that many never get off the ground. While other subjects are mainly philosophic studies, Scientology is meant to be an applied philosophy and that is what John has set out to provide. It’s personally gratifying for me to be able to contribute to his efforts.

These checksheets don’t replace any other checksheets being offered by any individual, group or organization. If someone sees something they think is wrong with these checksheets or which could be improved they are free to communicate about it. People are free to use these checksheets in any way they wish or not. In the final analysis, each of us has our own direct line to LRH and it is ultimately up to each one of us what we do with that line.

It’s the hope that people who are not able to or who are no longer willing to study in the church will avail themselves of this LRH data, learn to apply what he has left us and use this knowledge to improve the ability to better conditions, which is the entire mission of Scientology. (IAS, Super Power, Idle Org and Library Campaign Registrars take note.)

Joe Howard


Mark Shreffler
+3 # Mark Shreffler 2012-10-13 04:50
Perfect. Thank you, Dan, for your amazing contributions to this effort. No better man for the job!

Regards, Shreff
Roy Selby
+3 # Roy Selby 2012-10-13 11:24
This is just what was needed Steve, can't thank you enough.
+2 # Levinia 2012-10-13 11:27
Wow, it is amazing. I´m from europe and there is a blog in german language I like and post on. If you want to take a look... I´m very engaged in auditing as a class 9 auditor and work together with the italian accademia8008, maybe you know them. I´did the old checksheets and you are right, they were just great and yes, since doing them I get resulsts, now for about over 20 years. I wanted to know, if I can translate your upper srticel and put it on the german language blog: www-indipendology.wordpress.co m.
Thanks for the work you are doing. I would be happy hearing from you soon.
John Aaron
+1 # John Aaron 2012-10-16 20:14

Feel free to translate them and I will put them up on the website for download.

John Aaron (Jimmy Rebel)
+1 # BryanParker 2012-10-13 11:48
Thanks for your work on these! I'm on the Solo I checksheet and having some fantastic gains and wins! After being off-lines for 13 years, I never thought I'd make it this far. Thank you.
+1 # IdealGoal 2012-10-13 16:59
This is Great Hope that you have brought here! Thank you so much!

ML, IdealGoal.
# Guy 2014-01-01 12:10
Hey guys: I am looking to do the Purification R/D. Did it once in 1982. Had good results. My only consideration is that I am not a fan nor supporter of the Free Zone. If you offer the Purif- and are not a supporter of the Marty's Rathbun's and his misled followers, please respond and perhaps we can do business. All I want to do is perfect my ways to apply the tech better in my life. The Purif- is about and may help me with this, my studies and life in general. Thanks

+1 # Thoughtful 2014-01-01 17:22
The Courseroom delivers the Purif in addition to the full Bridge. 
+1 # AnonIndie 2014-01-13 05:17
I am so glad you are doing this work. You have really set my mind at ease. The tech really works, if your lack of aging is any indication! You look exactly the same as you did in the tech films!
# kotie 2015-09-26 00:56
can scientology help with phobias?
# Thoughtful 2015-09-26 01:01
Yes. What's the phobia and I could advise you a bit better?
# TooHappyByFar 2016-02-28 04:52
Thanks for this valuable contribution Joe. Inside the CofS I despaired of ever qualifying as a solo auditor. When I joined IS the tech terminals were removing obstacles!I got into session, got crammed and with in a few weeks was soloing. In IS we have returned to LRH's original intention - applied religious philosophy. The steady and ever-widening gains are available at reasonable prices. Thanks to all those Scientologists who deliver the tech.
bev miller
# bev miller 2016-06-26 13:09
Dear Dan:
I have the GAT2 materials (course packs, check sheets, lectures) in my possession as I purchased the training line-up in advance at ASHO. So far I have done the new student hat and proTrs. Do you have any idea whether or not GAT2 is truly based on LRH advices? I trained originally during the late 80's and subsequently did all of the GAT1 updates plus Basics B&Ls and completed the BC at ASHO in 2013 as a public (2 weeks before GAT2 came out) so was not able to do that internship as it was dissolved at that time. Can you comment on GAT2 or would you like to see those materials? I share your goal of standard tech. I thought ASHO was doing very well in this regard as far as I could tell but who knows what the real story is with the new material. Any insight on this? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Bev Miller
Dan Koon
# Dan Koon 2018-02-11 12:59
Hi, Bev.
I just now saw this comment from you. I think that your questions require some more detailed answers. Hopefully, you are on Facebook and I will send a friend request and we can take it from there.

Wayne Cook
# Wayne Cook 2019-06-10 14:50
Hello, I need the solo part one, plus whatever else in my clearing programs I need in the future. Please assist or advise. Thank you

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