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Where independent Scientologists can meet, share ideas and make friends. If Scientology worked for you, send articles, stories or successes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hymn of an Instructor


The Man has lit a flame in me,
And blown to a raging furnace,
A fire which is all consuming,
    that burns me
    yearns me —
         Make Auditors!

- Anonymous

Teens know 4-leaf clover is good luck!


No wonder they resist
mowing the lawn.

Even a whole yard of lucky clover can't handle a life overgrown with adversity. Weed the counter effort from your path by getting trained. Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 7738 Ga. Hwy 111 South, Cairo, GA 39828, Skype: thecourseroom

Pricing (based on 1970s rates):
2 wks full time: $750.00
3 wk full time: $1,050.00
Fix seriously bugged students: $75.00 per hour

Life is what you make it.
TRAINING is where you make it.
(229) 465-3360

Training Checksheets


These FREE checksheets were compiled by Dan Koon based on LRH's 1978/1987 Checksheets on which tens of thousands of standard auditors were successfully trained. They are NOT owned by the massively corrupt Church of Scientology. Click here to visit the download website

HQS Course
Student Hat
Purification Rundown CoAudit
Scn Drug Run Down CoAudit
Method One Word Clearing
Professional TRs
Primary Rundown
Level 0
Level l
Level ll
Level lll
Level lV
Level V New Era Dianetics
Grad V Checksheet
Grad V Internship

Solo Part l

Course Supervisor Course
Supervisor Drills
Student Points System
Student Point Sheet
Pink Sheet

More to come!

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Making Auditors


Standard Tech is alive, and ready to take you to greatness.

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Training in iScn


A note on training from the man who was there with LRH.

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Operating Thetan


Training's role in removing the counter-effort from living.

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FREE Checksheets


LRH Checksheets that made 1000s of successful auditors.

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