Welcome to Dror Center

Dror Center was established in 1992, in Haifa, Israel, with the purpose to make it possible for every individual to fully realize the great potential he holds. Dror Center operates according to the applied philosophy developed by Ron Hubbard.

With the application of Ron’s technology, you will find that you have the opportunity to change situations in life. You can rid yourself of unwanted conditions and raise your abilities.

You are invited to Dror Center for study and personal counseling to obtain personal and business efficiency, improved relationships, lively communication between parents and children and an understanding of life.

At Dror, we deliver the full Bridge to Total freedom, as developed by Ron Hubbard. This includes Intro Auditing to new public, the Purification Rundown and the Grades 0-IV. You can receive NED auditing to achieve the State of Clear and do the CCRD. We deliver the unique False Purpose Rundown which removes barriers and will boost your abilities in all areas of life. Dror is one of few places on the planet where you can do the full OT Levels, all the way up to Solo NED for OT’s (OT7).

In our Academy we deliver all ‘Life Improvement’ courses to new public for immediate gains in life. You can train as a professional auditor on the Academy Levels and even become a Class IX Auditor, an expert in delivering the Advanced Levels. We will help you embark on an exciting career, helping others go Clear and OT!

All services at Dror are delivered by our skilled staff with strict adherence to the ten points of “Keeping Scientology Working,” just like Ron would expect of us.

All our services can be done in English, Hebrew or Russian.

Click here to meet us, in person.

For additional information, please visit us at scnil.org/english or call at: 972-4-8672788.



SOURCE – L. Ron Hubbard

Ron Hubbard, an American philosopher and writer, is the founder of Scientology. Ron investigated life and human behavior for many years and wrote numerous books providing us with the Technology to go free and recover our immortality. This knowledge is the basis of our activities at Dror Center. We deliver the full Bridge as developed by Ron and strictly abide by the 10 points of Keeping Scientology Working.


Aviv Bershadsky, Auditor and Case Supervisor, In Charge of Advanced Levels Course Room

Aviv joined Dror Center in 1998, during his military service. After completion of several introductory courses Aviv decided to become a professional auditor. He left for Saint Hill, England where he trained as a Class IV auditor and continued at other top Scientology organizations in Israel and abroad. Aviv says, "Being an auditor is the most satisfying profession for me. My goal in life is to make people happy, able and self aware. At Dror, I can see daily the results of my work. We now deliver the full Bridge. It is my challenge to get you through Solo NOTs, so you too can achieve the state of Cause over Life".


Dima Dubinin, Class IV auditor, In Charge of Purification Rundown

Dima arrived at Dror in 1996 while he was a high school student. Dima did much training and auditing at Dror and at age 19 decided to join staff. He has since done extensive training in Israel and the US. "I always wanted to help people. At Dror I have many hats, I am an auditor, course supervisor and Purification Rundown in charge. Dror is the ideal place for me because only here can I make it possible for my friends to achieve higher spiritual awareness."


Carmela Weizman, Registrar and Auditor

Carmela has been on Dror staff since 1997. She did her training at SDror and in Tel Aviv. "Throughout the years at Dror Center I helped numerous people improve various areas of their life. I am in charge of interviewing new public who arrive here and directing them to the proper service they need. I am expert at marriage counseling, assisting children with their difficulties at school and at home, application of study technology and using tools of personal ethics to enhance life. I am very satisfied with what I do because I contribute to my environment."


Moti Weizman, Finance and Administration

Moti joined Dror in 2006 after being a staff member in the Tel Aviv Scientology Org for 6 years. "Dror is my home. I met my wife here. At Dror I witness ability gains made routinely. Without financial viability we could not survive, so I make sure the finances, computer systems and administration operate smoothly. I am proud to be a member of Dror."


Dani Lemberger, General Manager

Dani has extensive training in various technologies such as management, ethics, course supervision and as an auditor. Prior to Scientology, Dani studied Economics and has an MBA degree.

Tami and Dani started doing Scientology in San Francisco in 1980. They moved steadily up the Bridge in training and auditing and have both completed Solo NOTs.

They founded Dror Center in 1992 and since then it has steadily expanded and became was one of the largest Missions within the Church of Scientology. Dror Center left the church in 2012. Dani explains, “We had to leave following our observation of gross out-tech and illegal activities conducted by church management. Dror has as its purpose to preserve Ron’s Tech and to become a leading organization for delivery of the whole Bridge. Here you can train and we will help you become a professional auditor. You can receive auditing and go up the Bridge to full OT.”


Tami Lemberger, Senior Case Supervisor and OT Review Auditor

Tami began studying Scientology in 1980 and soon decided to become a professional auditor. Tami has trained extensively and became a Flag-interned Grad V Auditor and has completed Solo NOTs.
Since leaving the church Tami continued her training and is now an OT Review Auditor. Tami says, "My goal, when I founded Dror Center, was to deliver LRH technology throughout the Middle East. I am thrilled that we are achieving this goal daily. My satisfaction in life derives from the changes in the life of my preclears."


Shahar Soref, Director of Marketing

Shahar arrived at Dror Center in 2007 and decided at once to become a staff member. Shahar tells us, "After many years of search for an applied philosophy, I finally arrived at the right place. In Dror Center I can change myself and the entire world."


Don Schaul, Director of Qualifications and Class V Auditor & C/S

Don arrived at Dror in 2001. After basic training at Dror, Don continued his Scientology studies in Israel and abroad. Don was a staff member at Malmo Organization, Sweden, for 3 years. Don says, "I had been around some organizations worldwide. I decided to join Dror because here I can apply totally standard and accurate technology."

Since July 2012 Dror Center is not affiliated to the Church of Scientology. We continue to help people to improve their lives through the application of the technology discovered by L. Ron Hubbard.


Robin Rhyne
+2 # Robin Rhyne 2013-03-13 17:59
I'm beyond thrilled to see your beautiful success!
# Jenny 2013-08-12 03:59
I just commend you and hope that I can visit this place one day :)
# daniel 2014-06-28 07:16
hello, i am a normal guy looking to go up the bridge. i have done my purify and looking at taking time off to do it full-time.

whats the average time to co audit up the bridge?
do you have twins that can do this?
and what is the average price? thank you
# Thoughtful 2014-06-30 11:32
Hi Daniel, you should contact the Dror Center directly for those questions. Their website is scnil.org/english/
Maggie Carrera
# Maggie Carrera 2017-12-10 15:59
I love what you are doing. Applying KSW & 100 % Standard LRH Tech. I was public at LA Org in the 70" s & it was real fun & booming Org! 2 yrs ago something went really wrong on new SRD & Grade 4 at LA Org due to Out Tech & auditor code breaks as well as civil violations at my work place by interference by hard reg cycles. I don't understand how LA Org is still in business w/ after ARC x public. Maybe all the PR being used to get in new public ?

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