You need Power only when you want to do something harmful, otherwise Love is enough to get everything done.

— Charley Chaplain


One of the most successful (expansion causing) actions in Scientology’s history was carried out by LRH in the 1960s. At St Hill, in England, LRH trained a number of auditors on the St Hill Special Briefing Course and sent them out into the world. It was the beginning of the "franchise" program. The auditors returned to their countries and home towns and began delivering. Though many of them began auditing out of their own homes or back rooms, they quickly expanded.  

From this program, over the years, a string of large, highly successful "missions" were born. The mission network grew rapidly and soon dwarfed Scientology orgs in both number and size. If you look in the old green volumes of Scientology administrative technology from the 70s and read through the list of Scientology organizations in the back, you will see there were only forty four orgs at that time. There were many more missions than orgs and though you might say that later the number of orgs quadrupled, the truth is that many of the "new orgs" were missions that were forced by management to become orgs. Under the "guidance" of management, from the early 1980s onwards many successful missions were converted into failing orgs.

For example, when successful Brighton Mission was forced to convert into an org, half the staff left over night. By the early 1990s, there were only about 3 staff even left and the organization was deeply in debt. There were many other examples. 

During the 60s and 70s, missions and the mission network expanded yet they had virtually no management. They were protected by LRH policies which forbid heavy actions against them and their “management” (Mission Office Worldwide) was located in a small hut on the grounds of St Hill, England. Its direct senior was the autonomous Guardian’s Office which had many more pressing matters to deal with than missions. In other words, Missions were simply allowed to get on without interference with it and a great deal of expansion occurred as a result.

Compare that with org management. Remember how LRH had to be replaced by hundreds of people (Worldwide Management of Scientology) when he resigned as Executive Director International in 1966? Well, the Worldwide Management of Scientology Organizations had to be disbanded by LRH just five years later (1971) because, despite warnings, he couldn’t get them to stop stat pushing income (collecting money) which was destroying orgs (see HCO PL, THE EC NETWORK DISBANDED, in OEC Volume 7).  

With LRH off the lines, from 1982 onwards David Miscavige began to change things, smashing some of the largest missions and putting all missions under Sea Org management. By the summer of 1990, with top-heavy management of Scientology at its zenith in terms of size and interference, the international statistics of Scientology began a decline from which they have not recovered to this day.

Independent Scientology believes that expansion is, first and foremost, founded on excellent delivery of Standard Scientology tech and that a more organic approach, without management, is the way to go. Never again must we allow one sociopathic individual to grab the reigns and destroy Scientology.

Be your own leader

One of the purposes of Scientology is to rehabilitate the self determinism of the individual. For three decades, Scientologists kept quiet and followed orders and the result was disaster because following someone else as your leader violates the very concept of what a Scientologist is. As LRH said orders were only necessary after responsibility had failed. Why follow a leader when the entire idea is to rehabilitate your ability to be your own leader?

In all matters, you have your own opinions because you EXIST. And forever and as long as you do exist, you will HAVE your own opinions about everything and no leader has any right to dismiss your opinions. Every being in this universe has the same ticket and none are senior to any others. Your opinions and viewpoint are part of who you are because you exist.

Having a viewpoint, having an opinion... these things go hand in hand with EXISTING and BEING.

And that's the way it's always going to be.

If some dictator doesn't like it, then you need to move him out of the way. Because life isn't about him. Scientology isn't about him. Scientology is about casting aside all those things that make decisions for you because that is what's wrong with you.

So if you want to meet the Leader of Independent Scientology, just look in the mirror.



+4 # George 2012-10-12 21:44
Brilliant!!! hallelujah !!!!!
David Broughton
# David Broughton 2014-05-02 04:05
At last I am not alone. LOL. So nice to hear someone else with enough courage to say it likr it is. ISAN... (Independent Scientology Auditors Network) has not had much success getting agreement in Australia. Good to see Leaders appearing. I love Auditors. (Diarbe)
your grandson josh
# your grandson josh 2014-11-12 02:27
omg this is so strange. im looking through stuff about scienology as i was curious and as i come across this site i find that you have commented on it lol haha.
Karry Campbell
+3 # Karry Campbell 2012-10-13 01:35

Very well put and totally true!!

Great Job on creating and putting together this wonderful resource for all of us!!!!!

Thank you so very very much!!

Best Wishes,
Karry Campbell
Li Po
+1 # Li Po 2012-10-13 03:39
Wonderful Steve, and spot on about the mission network!
Khoi Nguyen
# Khoi Nguyen 2012-10-13 09:24
This is very cool!
Les Warren
# Les Warren 2012-10-13 12:56
Another great observation, Steve.

The Policy THE EC NETWORK DISBANDED has been completely reversed by miscavige. Independents need no longer engange in the corrupt activities of a sociopath.

The last couple of lines of the PL: "There are no short cuts to honest prosperity.
We have the greatest possible tech when properly studied and applied. Why not deliver it?"

Why not, indeed?

# IdealGoal 2012-10-13 16:16
Hi! Les.

Could You provide the exact changes in that policy? I have an 1991 edition of the 7th OEC Volume, so I don't know if it will be "clean" or not... :/

ML, IdealGoal.
Gerlinde Mantey
-1 # Gerlinde Mantey 2012-10-13 13:12
This is so brilliant!!!
# IdealGoal 2012-10-13 16:11

For my own "viewpoints",Guys! You really have "duplicated" and, more important: "understood" THE TRUE ESSENCE OF SCIENTOLOGY!

Very Very Very Very Well Done For This Gain, as much Very Thanks "To Be Here And To Communicate" As You Do!

My Infinite Thankfulness, ML, IdealGoal.
Susan Crane
# Susan Crane 2012-10-13 17:14
Love it and totally indicates. Brilliant as usual.
Randy Smith
+1 # Randy Smith 2012-10-14 04:05
I vividly remember the day that EC Network Disbanded hit the lines, while I was SO crew at CCLA in August of 71. Yvonne, our beloved CO, was running around the org shouting with delight: Quote:
No More GI! No More GI!
with her irrepressible grin.
I figured out years later, on the OEC, she was celebrating that her main stat was now Paid Completions (delivery of service) - her first love.
# dan351 2012-10-14 05:12
This sounds like the Scientology of the '70's,which was totally fun to be part of.
In those days, local people ran local missions and local orgs. These people knew exactly what needed to be done on a daily basis.
Management in the last 30 years bypassed them continually and put them eventually into non-existance.
-1 # MaggieD 2012-10-14 10:35
Very well written and inspiring.
Lou Landry
-5 # Lou Landry 2012-10-14 23:09
I first joined staff in Oct, 1974 at the Windsor, Ontario mission with about 10 staff. Within 12 months we had 35 staff members when I was pulled out for "handling". Windsor mission thereafter dissapeared! Very, very, very well done. This is a total LFBD correct indication with vvvgi's for me. I'm sure LRH is proud of you too, Steve. Thank-you! I can't tell you how relieved I am. - Lou
-9 # Thoughtful 2012-10-14 23:30
Thank you Lou, this confirmation based on your experiences will help people understand the wisdom.
Lou Landry
-12 # Lou Landry 2012-10-17 11:54
Dear thoughtful,

Can we talk ?

-10 # Thoughtful 2012-10-17 12:35
Email works better for me right now because I don't have that much time... You can contact me through this website.
Richard Kaminski
+1 # Richard Kaminski 2012-10-15 08:44
Excellently stated!!!
+1 # Burkhard 2012-10-15 11:28
..."So if you want to meet the Leader of Independent Scientology, just look in the mirror."...
This is wisdom
+1 # IdealGoal 2012-10-15 12:50
Hi again!

As I said before: So Very Well Done and Thanks for the depth of your duplication AND understanding of what is Scientology!

Now, in between, something came to me:

- If for Missions, LRH looks having clearly found the right gradient of Ethics letting Auditors in the field organizing themselves to help people with Scientology, I mind about the main organizations, like Orgs Class V or superior organizations, I think needed for world wild clearing and training.

For me, they do not meet the characteristics of Missions, and so, the evaluation of LRH looks to me not applying to them. So,

- What about KSW, what about to check if the Tech is "in", standard or not?

I remember you that Source himself created the Sea-Org, and for good reasons, right?

All the problem is, as the scenarist made say to a character in "Babylon V": "Who is controlling the controller?"

Well, as LRH was no more on the line, looks no one has had the effective integrity to keep the Sea-Org itself on-purpose and sane. Does it mean that the Sea-Organization needs to be thrown away because of this error? I don't think so.

What we would need to correct the outpoint, is to apply indeed your maxim here to it:

- Make the Chief Captain of all the Sea-Org under the control of the collegial direction of all the EDs of any org of Scientology in the world, including Mission Holders of course, and why not, any independent certified professional Auditor. Like this, it would be completely clear for any Sea-Org Member that they are here to serve the Scientology Organizations and Public, and not to serve themselves.

To conclude:

- When we get any "highest management", as no other higher management could be create and that this one too needs to be controlled too, it is the base, the one who are concerned at the end by the service, the public, the organizations, who need to have this control under the Highest Level of Management or any World Wild Organization.

In any organization we need Ethics, Qual, Divisions, and yes, it must have one independent control, outside of each org, to ensure an "exterior viewpoint control" to ensure standard quality whole wild world.

Do you think so?
+2 # Tara 2012-10-16 10:49
Brilliant article. It took some unraveling, but not long ago, I realized the tech is MINE. PERIOD. I am responsible for my own spiritual future and at this time, for that of my children. I am the creator of my own destiny and I choose LRH tech as my path. MINE.
Love this website! Thank you for creating it!
elizabeth hamre
+2 # elizabeth hamre 2012-10-19 15:27
Hi Tara... right you are! I have the same reality..
Randy Gaumond
# Randy Gaumond 2018-03-04 09:47
Hi Elizabeth! Are you related to Jim and Karen Hamre, by any chance?

Robin Adair
+3 # Robin Adair 2012-10-18 13:44

I was pleasantly surprised when I read this article since I'd been saying for years that we don't need a leader to replace Miscavige.

In fact the Ol'man in HCOPL LRH Relationship to Orgs had no plans of being succeeded by anyone especially by the likely L1 R/Ser currently falsely claiming this mantle by virtue of the fact that he happens to be the COB RTC.

If you look at the original Org Board there were posts that Directed, Controlled, Guarded and Advised.

There was never any top down management structure until the Sea Org "moved in" and wiped out the Franchise network and created an Authoritarian system of Governance which eventually became a virtual dictatorship.
R. Vallance
# R. Vallance 2012-10-29 17:16
Quoting Les Warren:
Another great observation, Steve.

The Policy THE EC NETWORK DISBANDED has been completely reversed by miscavige. Independents need no longer engange in the corrupt activities of a sociopath.

The last couple of lines of the PL: "There are no short cuts to honest prosperity.
We have the greatest possible tech when properly studied and applied. Why not deliver it?"

Why not, indeed?


Xtra, Extra, New, Upstat points to you Les. You are really telling it like it really is. Miscavige is a little man psycho who is destroying Scientology from within.
Pat Felske
-1 # Pat Felske 2014-02-28 22:16
Quoting R. Vallance:
Quoting Les Warren:
Another great observation, Steve.

The Policy THE EC NETWORK DISBANDED has been completely reversed by miscavige. Independents need no longer engange in the corrupt activities of a sociopath.

The last couple of lines of the PL: "There are no short cuts to honest prosperity.
We have the greatest possible tech when properly studied and applied. Why not deliver it?"

Why not, indeed?


Xtra, Extra, New, Upstat points to you Les. You are really telling it like it really is. Miscavige is a little man psycho who is destroying Scientology from within.

I agree whole heartedly. Miscavige is turning Scientology into the cult of Miscavigology.
Robert Almblad
# Robert Almblad 2012-11-09 20:11
You got it Steve... best write up on the subject I have ever seen. Thanks my friend.
Michael Priv
# Michael Priv 2013-02-04 12:59
Awesome! Exactly, Steve! Couldn't agree with you more and thank you for making Scientology and Scientologists free!
# Thoughtful 2013-02-04 13:01
Thank you Misha and everyone.
karmen Kruz
# karmen Kruz 2013-04-08 01:14
não imagino como será a ORG /?

# Rine 2013-04-15 17:56
Wondeefull indeed! Real Scientology!
TroubleShooter Gayle
# TroubleShooter Gayle 2013-06-17 09:29
Good article and correct emphasis Steve. and it's in motion here...;)
Marcel Wenger
# Marcel Wenger 2013-06-26 05:14
Couldn't agree with you more, Steve!
I'm sure, Marty, would, too. The conflict between you guys
and him, saddens me. Hope you'll find a way to resolve it.
Marcel Wenger
Ex. Missionholder, Cl.VI, OT VIII
# AnonIndie 2014-01-13 05:13
Gorgeous!!!! Well done!
Chuck Beatty
+1 # Chuck Beatty 2014-04-14 20:28
Life Orientation Course, the part where the person does their personal 21 departments by condition, should bolster a person's confidence to get up to the condition of power on their personal Dept 21.

I've often wondered why Indie's don't do more of the LOC on themselves.
+1 # Thoughtful 2014-04-14 20:52
Hi Chuck, The "course" probably fell into disfavor because of the way it was implemented by DM. So now people have BPC on it, and they weren't permitted to use it as a tool to actually sort out their life. You know, back in 1990, I applied the conditions on all dynamics and worked my way up to Normal or above on each dynamic. It was an incredible action that increased my understanding of life tremendously. This was coupled with Repair of Past Ethics, on each dynamic, Crashing MU finding on each dynamic, and Reach and Withdraw on a representation of the Crashing MU when I found it. It was tremendously powerful. I will do it again one day. And the great thing was I didn't need any one else's interference. It was my own idea to do it in the first place. I didn't even know it was part of LOC because LOC hadn't come out yet. But LOC also lacks integration with some of the other tools I mentioned.
# My2cents 2014-07-26 22:47
Undoubtedly part of the reason Hubbard created a hierarchical management structure was so that he could collect income due him as founder of the Science he named Scientology. After the death of Hubbard, who was not only founder but source, DM as his successor was only entitled to ensure that standard tech was delivered and that well done auditing hours and training courses completed gradually expanded over time. DM seized control for the perks he could give himself at the expense of the loyal Sea Org and Scientology outer organization staff members, messing with the technology, raising prices, and collecting huge donations to the IAS and Idle Morgue projects for no exchange. No wonder corporate Scientology is caving.

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