Using Scientology to Fix Scientology


Over several decades the Church of Scientology became a real problem. Lots of people tried to fix it. But nobody knew where to start. And the nuts were incredibly hard to remove.

Throughout 2008, two veteran Scientologists each independently took a wrench to the problem and began to evaluate various aspects of the overall situation using LRH's Data Series. And toward the end of that year, both individuals independently came to the same conclusion on what had caused the problem and what had to be done to fix it.

Before that time ideas regarding the Church of Scientology were dramatically polarized. Scientology equaled the Church of Scientology and depending on who you asked, it was either ALL good or ALL bad. The solution was to do something that no one else had done done: speak out as a Scientologist and renounce the criminality and abuses of David Miscavige and his supporters.

When they started, the two individuals barely even knew each other (they had spoken briefly once in 2003), but both had extensive experience with David Miscavige.

marty steve 1  

Marty and Steve in Dallas, June 2009


Marty Rathbun, the number two most powerful man in the Church for 20 years, revived old media connections in the St Petersburg Times (now the Tampa Bay Times) and worked to make them finally understand that the problem wasn't the philosophy or L. Ron Hubbard, the problem was David Miscavige. Marty also put up a one-page notice online offering his auditing services to anyone who had been harmed by the Church.

Steve Hall, the creative force and writer behind two decades of some of Scientology's best marketing campaigns, conceived a website that employed LRH's "multiple viewpoint system." Built upon the principles of Group Dianetics it was designed to start the process of running out the group engram of destruction from a self-appointed sociopathic dictator. The site was named based on what was at the time the second most popular search phrase on the subject, "scientology cult."

Both Rathbun and Hall were remarkably consistent in their take on the problem and its source. In his first written words on the matter, published in response to an article in the St Petersburg Times, Hall described David Miscavige as the "Tony Montana of Scientology" a reference to the character played by Al Pacino in Scarface. Tom Tobin printed off the comment and put it in his pocket.

A few days later, when Rathbun arrived in Tampa to meet with the St Petersburg Times, he was picked up at the airport by Tom Tobin. In the car, Tom asked Rathbun about David Miscavige and Rathbun said he was like "Tony Montana in Scarface." Thinking he had discovered the identity of "Thoughtful" (Hall's pen name), Tobin took out his folded copy and showed it to Rathbun. Rathbun looked it over and told Tobin "I don't know who he is, but that guy sure has the right idea."

Many others made important contributions. Anonymous launched world-wide protests that got the attention of media. Several ex-Scientologists — all former staff from the Int base — had started to expose Miscavige's most recent crimes in excruciating detail. They included Marc Headley (Blown for Good), Jeff Hawkins, Amy Scobee, Mat Pesch, Little Bear Victor, and others. When Hall saw their postings in 2008, it was clear the levee holding back Miscavige's crimes had finally burst. Instead of fighting the flood of crimes now being exposed, the solution was to accept the motion. The way out was the way through and the flood of revelations hit the corrupt Church like anti-matter.

Lucy James and Mark Shreffler outside Casablanca, Indie Summit, October 2012


Rathbun's and Hall's analysis of the Church was coupled by quite a bit of soul searching. "Do I really want to open this can of worms? Will my life be consumed by fighting the Church? Is it worth the effort?" In the end, both determined that speaking out was "the right thing to do regardless of consequences." But immediately fate stepped in to mitigate the consequences with a series of silver linings neither had imagined. First was the surprising discovery that someone else had come to the exact same conclusion and had determined to speak out at exactly the same time. Whether it was a manifestation of quantum physics relating to the dual nature of the physical universe, or cosmic coincidence, or just blind luck we will never know. But there are several lectures where LRH talked about the historical fact of break throughs being originated by two people simultaneously.

In actual fact, fate had been a major player in the lives of both men bringing them "good luck" since they each left the Church in 2004. That fact was impossible to miss and both learned an important lesson about listening to one's heart, following one's intuition, and doing the right thing despite anything. Then again, perhaps it was simply that the time had come to do something about the Church of Scientology and everyone knew it.

  Christie King Collbran

Of particular note was Marc Headley's shockingly accurate narrative of the infamous Musical Chairs incident. Miscavige's raw brutality and shocking cruelty was exposed for the world to see. The toothpaste had been squeezed out of the online tube never to go back in and even though Marc was no longer a Scientologist, he and others made an important contribution to the birth of Independent Scientology by having the courage to expose the crimes and abuses of David Miscavige and his supporters.

Haydn James, in CMO Special
Unit and today

Haydn and Lucy James left Church employment in 2006 after a combined sixty one years on staff with a burning question: "what has happened to Scientology?"

Having shared the grueling confinement and route out procedure with Christie King Collbran, another notable Indie, they stayed in touch after moving to Texas. So it was no surprise in the Spring of 2009 when Christie had the James family called to let them know that Marty Rathbun was not only alive, well and out of the church but was living "just up the road" from the James family in Corpus Christie.

Having worked with Marty for a number of years, Haydn contacted Marty and visited him with a list of questions. It would be the first in a number of meetings between Marty and the James family, and the rest, as they say, is history. Soon after the first meeting, Haydn and Lucy James began writing articles for Scientoloy-cult.com under the name "T. Paine," telling the world all they knew of the inner workings of David Miscavige and Scientology Inc.

But if Scientology-cult.com was a battleship, Marty's effectiveness in the media and the subsequent launch of his blog were the fierce ground forces that promptly landed on the beach and took the Miscavige citadel by storm in furious hand-to-hand combat. Something big had changed in the world of Scientology and the world was taking notice.

  Behind the scenes at Rathbun's home, Martin Barshir
interviews Marty for Nightline, Sept 15, 2009

The revelation that all the trouble in Scientology was being caused by a sociopath, and not the philosophy, made sense. While among Scientologists, the idea of standing up as a Scientologist to speak out against the corruption caught on and rapidly grew into a movement. Marty began blogging in early 2009, a natural outgrowth of his experience as an investigative journalist writing for several progressive newspapers in south Texas. Soon he had written his "31 Factors" still being circulated far and wide. Eventually someone on Marty's blog suggested the name, "Free Scientology." Someone else responded with "Independent Scientology" and the latter caught on.

Certainly Rathbun and Hall were not the first Scientologists to proclaim Scientology did not equal the Church of Scientology. Surely they were not the first Scientologists to expose the toxicity of David Miscavige. But they were the first to really be heard so clearly. Their success was due to Marty's experience, knowledge and communication lines as one of the most powerful men in Scientology for 20 years and also to Hall's creative skill and marketing ability by which he had imbued their cause with life.

The traditional skill of a "copywriter" is to find within a sea of a thousand facts, the one silver bullet that solves everything. It was a skill he labored long and hard throughout the 1990s to master, and he finally got there in 1997. Standing up and speaking out as a Scientologist was not being done by anyone. Yet it was not only the right thing to do, it was the only way to salvage the repute of a Scientology and Scientologists, i.e., by demonstrating integrity and doing something to clean up the mess.

Hall had cut his teeth marketing Scientology in the face of the worst suppression imaginable — from Miscavige. So he knew what to expect when it finally came time to exorcise Scientology's top demon. From the start he addressed the problem from marketing perspective and his solution was to reposition the Church of Scientology as the utterly corrupt and inhuman monster it had become under Davie Miscavige: organized crime masquerading as religion.

It was one thing for Time magazine to call Scientology a "mafia-like cult" it was quite another for Scientologists to not only say so, but shout it from the rooftops. In another example of Rathbun-Hall synchronicity, both men selected Miscavige's propensity to beat volunteer staff as the spearhead of criminal exposure, cutting a swath for every other crime to flow out of the Scientology closet.

steve hall photoFor decades, Hall had watched Miscavige inject his personal poison into every constructive marketing idea so that nothing worthwhile could ever grow. There was never any real reason Scientology had to be a cult in the first place: witness Independent Scientology. Independent Scientology doesn't even have anyone in charge and still they are beating the snot out of Miscavige despite his stockpile of money.

Remarking on that success, Haydn James wrote, "You know, others have tried all this in the past. Their strategy wasn't right, nor was their overall message and they didn't have websites! You have built a fantastic website and your message... spot on. Without you we'd be screwed, to put it bluntly...

  Haydn James, no stranger to taming wild beasts. Writing
the pen name of T Paine, Haydn and wife Lucy
leading contributors to Scientology-cult.

"In time, I think many of the more angry victims will be won over. In time they will realize that just because they were brainwashed and abused by David Miscavige doesn't mean it was the tech or LRH that did it. Today, you are actually setting a good example by using Scientology to fix Scientology and blow the whistle on a psychotic dictator."

Rathbun provided unrelenting public exposure of Miscavige crimes on his blog racking up over 850 blog entries in less than 4 years. During that same time he helped to engineer a series of thundering legal blows that shook the foundation of the Miscavige regime in court. Meanwhile as an auditor, he did more to heal those who had been injured by David Miscavige than any other person... by far.

After building Scientology-cult.com and stocking it with some 450 articles, Hall went on to build rediscoverscientology.com (a light version of Scientology-cult for those with an ingrained aversion to the word "cult").

Early on Rathbun provided a strategy — to come out in the open with your own name. Some would draw fire from the Church, but if enough people came out it would eventually break the Church's weapon of disconnection by rendering it pointless. In February 2010, Hall and Dan Koon were discussing ideas to publish a list of names when Koon remarked, "If you could get 500 names by July, you could call it the Indie 500." Hall launched the idea immediately but included key information relevant to Scientologists to demonstrate who these people were. The Indie 500 List became a veritable Who's Who of Scientology — opinion leaders, movers and shakers — the top people of the Scientology world defecting en masse from the sinking Titanic of corporate Scientology.

Mike Rinder and Tony DePhillips, frequent contributor to Marty's blog and leading Indie Scientologist.

This is Group Auditing

The initiative of Rathbun and Hall set the Scientology world into motion. Thousands of people followed and contributed to that motion from inside Scientology and without through comments on Marty's blog and on Scientology-cult. But these were not just people chipping in their two cents, this was Group Dianetics.

The only place Group Dianetics was covered was in LRH's Research and Discovery Volumes — a chronological record of LRH's track of discovery. Hall had done the marketing for these books when they were published in the mid 1990s, so was one of the few people in Scientology who had studied the theories. These theories shed a penetrating light into the constitution of both Marty's blog and Scientology-cult and reveal why they were so darned effective. R&D Series Volume 5, provides a transcribed lecture called "Group Dianetics—Part II" where LRH explains the following:

I'm afraid it's awfully easy to run a group engram. It doesn't have to be attacked, it just has to be brought into light. ...By knocking it out you're going to make it possible to repair whatever was done. ...It is only the existence of this hidden data, which is to say, the other man's viewpoint — the existence of that hidden data, suppressed, that creates any kind of an engram at all. In other words, the thing isn't known, everyone keeps running along on this data and you get an engram. ...The second that that is written out along that line, it's going to make an awful lot of people mad. They're going to look this thing over and they say, '"Well, they didn't have a right to do that. Certain people weren't —" and so forth and yakety-yak, growl, growl, growl. Boy oh boy, oh rarr, or rarr. Cleared atmosphere, cleared group. That's the way you run a group engram.

So something — one of the dynamics has gone out of general communication. Having gone out of general communication, a great deal of trouble can ensue. That is what happens in groups. There's a group engram on the subject. People are more and more trying to run that engram. But they're not going back to the source. All they're going is back to — is they're running the locks. They're running the late locks on the thing, and there's got to be a lot of running on late locks. What they'd better do is somebody had better go back and write up the source of this aberration, how this suppression got into society.

The second that you start and throw into the group the real data of how the suppression got into the society, demonstrate how it came there, and then just let everybody roar and scream about it for a while, you would have the entire engram run out of the entire group.

As an example of the above, many Scientologists are upset about getting ripped off by the IAS. The IAS is shaking people down and extorting money and running a protection racket. All the money is accruing under David Miscavige's personal control ($1.5 billion) and though Scientologists were told the money is being used to "support dissemination programs" actually only the interest is being spent. None of the principal has ever been touched. But where did all this start? All the above is only a late lock on the chain of suppression that started much earlier. In fact, it was all started in response to legal judgements that came into being only because of David Miscavige's direct personal interference in key court cases, which then created towering legal liabilities which Miscavige then invented the IAS to "save us all from." Think that will make some people mad? You bet it will. But that's how one clears a group.

While Rathbun's blog was a natural progression from his experience as a journalist after arriving in South Texas, bringing the daily news to Independent Scientologists and the world, Hall's Scientology-cult took a different approach. He used piece of technology called a "multiple viewpoint system" developed by LRH for the remote management of distant organizations. It imparts understanding of what actually happened within the Church of Scientology by enabling viewers to see events through the eyes of multiple eye-witnesses who were on the ground.

Something new was added to the world with the multiple viewpoint system. What's this new system? Well, you see everything from the branch office! You don't see it from headquarters. You have to be as pan-determined as daylight to even conceive of such a system. For it's a true OT system. Every situation is viewed from the viewpoint of the branch office, or the regiment on the firing line or the squadron in the sky. It takes a pretty humble or pretty OT HQ to say "We don't have a viewpoint. We are not important as a viewpoint. The only viewpoint that's important is that of the man on the firing line, the Squadron Leader in the sky, the Colonel actually engaged in battle" So that's a multiple viewpoint system! The key is files.

Other Scientologists created their own flanking actions online which included most notably www.friendsoflrh.org and www.savescientology.com. Lots of non-Scientologists piled onto the exposure of Miscavige crimes. However all these efforts had the common denominator of getting in Ethics. Eventually it would become time to get on with the broader game of breaking David Miscavige's illegal monopoly on the religion of Scientology.

Hammer meets anvil (and explodes)

In the summer of 2009 Miscavige was running his mad version of damage control and launched a bribery/extortion plot against the former head of OSA and 20-year spokesperson for the Church, Mike Rinder. Miscavige Agents flew out to Denver where they offered Rinder a potential multimillion dollar bribe for his silence while also threatening him with disconnection should he not accept the money and run. Disconnection meant he would lose all contact with his family — wife, brother, mother and children. Miscavige's plot was a gargantuan mistake because like Rathbun and Hall, Rinder had a secret weapon Miscavige could not understand: unbreakable personal integrity.

Rinder also had an arsenal of evidence that he thoughtfully brought with him when he left the Church in 2006.

Rinder's answer was a nightmare for Miscavige. And soon he turned a media storm into a hurricane, meanwhile reminding everyone on Marty's blog just how much it sucks to be Miscavige.

steve marty mike dan geir
Independent Scientology Summit in Denver, Sep 2009: Hall, Rathbun, Rinder, Koon and Isene

Ring of Fire

With Rathbun and Rinder joining forces, David Miscavige's two most powerful enemies were both outside facing in on David Miscavige. And backing up those guns was a formidable array of skills, knowledge and experience from all sides. As Miscavige started to dramatize his evil intentions more openly in the early 2000s more and more veteran staff left the Church. What in fact transpired was a massive exodus of the Church's entire power base including all those who used to filter Miscavige's insanity. Once Rathbun and Hall built their presence online, many more came on board until Miscavige was virtually surrounded by whistle blowers.

After Rinder came on board, in September 2009, an informal summit (photo above) was held in Denver attended by Rathbun, Rinder, Hall, Dan Koon (who worked with Hall throughout 2008 in analyzing what to do about Scientology) and Geir Isene, an influential New OT VIII who had recently resigned from the Church. The meeting was a chance to compare notes, exchange ideas and opinions.

In the mid 1960s, LRH had drawn up an "organizing chart" which mapped what he called the cycle of production. This chart was actually a "philosophic machine" which provides insight into how to organize any production activity. Its divisions also map in broad strokes the developmental phases of any activity. As a note, it is not the only philosophic machine we have in Scientology. The eight dynamics are themselves an earlier philosophic machine which LRH commented upon in one of his 1950s lectures. The first phase of activity for what became the Independent Movement was ethics. A fact that was acknowledged by all during the first Independent Scientology Summit in Denver (photo above).

The first-annual Indie Celebration in July 2010 at Mike Rinder's Florida home

Rinder and Christie King Collbran hosted a party celebrating "Independents Day" at his home on July 4th, 2010. Rinder wanted a flag or banner that could be hung outside and asked Hall to design something. The result was a elegant new logo for Independent Scientology which you can learn more about here.

With some 70 attendees from around the world the Rinder household was filled to the brim. marty-and-mosey-weddingThe highlight of the event, however, was the marriage of Marty Rathbun and Monique "Mosey" Carle. The minister officiating the ceremony was none other than Mike Rinder.

The July 4th Independent's Celebration became an annual event. The second one was held in July 2011 on the shores of a lake outside Houston, Texas. Attended by more than 90 people, guests came from as far away as Europe and even Australia.

Reconciliation in Hamburg

In September 2011, Mr. and Mrs. Rathbun and other representatives from Independent Scientology were invited to an unprecedented meeting in Hamburg hosted by the Germany government itself, the target of a vicious and relentless smear campaign that the Church of Scientology (David Miscavige) had wasted millions on. The Church's campaign was designed to stigmatize the German government as "Nazi" — a falsehood. This war being waged by the Church against Germany had been going on for decades, so it was high time to get to the bottom of it, which of course took about 15 minutes. Literally.

Hamburg, Germany: Doing what Scientology is supposed to do — creating understanding.


Attendees representing Independent Scientology included Hall and 18 more — three times the expected number — from Germany, France, Finland, Switzerland, UK and the US. As was quickly discovered, the entire on-going, decades-long, debacle was directly created by the Church. Deeply involved in criminal schemes, abuse and corruption, the Church was victimizing people and those people complained to the government. When the government looked into the matter, David Miscavige did what he always does: attack viciously. Marty appeared on TV there and all of us were warmly received because we are known as the spearhead doing something effective about CoS corruption. The German government doesn't care what people believe. They only care what people do and when people are violating laws and human rights, it is their job to deal with it.

Attorney Graham Berry, the target of numerous black ops and vilification efforts by the Church of Scientology also attended. He had also also been attacked by David Miscavige for simply representing a client, i.e. doing his job.

In both cases, David Miscavige was himself involved and complicit in the corruption. So when Ursula Caberta and Graham Berry acted to curb that corruption by forcing in decency, Miscavige attacked furiously throwing (wasting) millions of dollars and the entire organizational weight of the Church of Scientology behind the attacks. Berry's life was turned upside down as a result and it has taken him years to recover financially.

Just before the 3rd Annual Independent's Celebration was to take place, Rathbun released his first book, What's Wrong with Scientology. Attendees to the event, held on July 7-8, 2012 at Cragun's Resort in Minnesota, brought their personal copies and Rathbun spent a good amount of time signing copies for friends.

Independent's Day 2011, celebrated on a lake house near Houston, Texas
Some of the attendees at Independent's Day 2012, at Cragun's Resort in Minnesota

In Spring of 2012 Rathbun promised it would be a "long, hot summer" for Miscavige. True enough, the length and heat were unprecedented. After three years of exposing crimes the media finally got the courage to "pin the tail on the donkey" i.e., mention the man behind the insanity by name, David Miscavige. It went so far as one paper calling him "Tom Cruise's Manwife" while Cruise himself — after steadily ignoring warnings from Rathbun, finally started to be held accountable for his irresponsible behavior in supporting David Miscavige.

The operative word within the Independent Movement is initiative. That's how it started and that's how it has grown. Anyone is free to take initiative and pick up whatever hat they want to wear. John Aaron Williams did just that. Starting in the late 1980s, John held a number of hats in the Sea Org starting with helping thousands of people in the old Dianetics Hotline which was part of Central Marketing Unit.

After writing several articles for Scientology-cult.com under the pen name Jimmy Rebel, John Aaron set out to establish a training facility on 16 acres of private land near Tallahassee, Florida. John actually assembled a team and built (with his own hands) an entire building to house his theory and practical course rooms, then built spaces where people could stay on the property while they were on course. John also established a Foundation where anyone could download the free training check sheets of Independent Scientology. Hall designed a gratis logo for "The Courseroom" while Dan Koon and Jim Logan helped create training check sheets from the bottom of the Bridge all the way up to OT. John's team grew and in 2012 they were joined by the former Senior C/S of Philadelphia with 18 years staff experience — New OT V, Flag-trained Word Clearer, Course Supervisor, Cramming Officer and Class VI C/S, Gayle Smith. So now John's group can deliver both training and processing from the bottom to the top of the Bridge.

Elsewhere two Class XII auditors are delivering services in Europe along with Karen de la Carierre in Los Angeles. Karen is the last Class XII Auditor still delivering the Ls who was personally trained by LRH. As a crew member with LRH aboard the Apollo, she was one of only 7 Class XII C/Ses ever made. She is also a NOTs auditor and C/S. She can deliver Advanced Courses as a Solo NOTs C/S and is a specialist in fixing bogged cases and reviews.

Karen de la Carierre was the former wife of Heber Jentszch, the President of the CoS. Forced to divorce her husband by David Miscavige, she left the Sea Org and is not only an Independent Scientologist, but an outspoken whistle blower against the corruption and abuses of David Miscavige and his followers. Many other auditors who know the power of Standard Tech are delivering auditing services around the world outside the suppression of the CoS. You can find a list of auditors and training facilities here.


Economic suppression

When Haydn James refused to give money to Miscavige goons in the IAS, he, his wife and his daughter were all fired from their jobs at a dental practice in south Texas. James filed a complaint with the Texas Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) who investigated the case and found their civil rights had been violated.

freeandableKeeping people in line and under the thumb of suppression through economic coercion has been a Miscavige stock in trade for three decades. It has been a heavy deterrent to prevent anyone from leaving or blowing the whistle on criminal activity. When Debbie Cook spoke out against violations of LRH policy, overnight she and her husband lost all their customers.

To counter the Church of Scientology's efforts to harm Independent Scientologists, Steve Hall came up with and implemented yet another solution called Freeandable.com. Launched in May 2011, this website was built as a solution to economic warfare by corrupt Church of Scientology leaders against ex-members and Independent Scientologists through disconnection, defamation and discrimination, including efforts to ruin CoS whistle blowers by torpedoing their source of income or running off customers.

Here, Independent Scientologists (and friends) can list their skills, services, products, etc. Also included on the site is Indie Scientology's largest and most up to date listing of auditors and facilities delivering Scientology training. As of this writing, there are already 41 listings for auditors and 14 listings for training.

Changing Landscape

Just three years after our first Indie Summit the landscape had changed. The giant unstoppable crushing machine had itself been mauled and crushed. The bunker was busted and Goliath lay flat on his back amid the smoking rubble and paralytic squirrel busters.

In September 2012, Marty called key Indies down to Casablanca to exchange thoughts on the future. No one was listening to David Miscavige any more. The Church had become a zero of influence and a vacuum for trouble. Marty sensed it was time to launch the next phase to reboot Scientology itself.

The pivotal question was, "Does Independent Scientology need management?" Lucy and Haydn James discussed the question all the way from Phoenix to Casablanca and arrived with the answer you can read about here.

Marty briefed attendees on his newest book and all received advance copies for review and feedback. Hall briefed attendees on his plans for iScientology.org and collected their feedback and ideas. Mark Shreffler, one of the greatest disseminators in Scientology history, briefed on his plans.


is-logoIt takes more than just a push or two to make progress against a well financed, entrenched, and fully corrupt enemy like the Church of Scientology. So really we are all in this for the long haul. We have come a long way in a short time. For all the handlings and solutions described in this accounting, there are probably 10 others not mentioned and others which are still in the planning stages.

Moving On Up a Little Higher created unparalleled impact upon the world and a crater where the Miscavige bunker used to be. But his website was only one part of Rathbun's vision that included one-on-one auditing, books, media handlings and deft legal maneuvers.

Scientology-cult.com led the way and has created created huge impact, but it was only part of Hall's vision that included freeandable.com, one-on-one advice for those wanting to leave, and more. iScientology.org was hinted at on Scientology-cult in 2009. It had been in the works for all that time.

In December 2012, Rathbun began to move on to more philosophical pursuits while continuing to blog. He currently is writing about his views of Scientology in what he views as the greater context of philosophical and spiritual consciousness thought. He continues to deliver auditing to people and advocates the mainline Bridge without any significant changes, but he sees himself as having transcended the subject. He believes that in order for people to actually achieve their goals in Scientology it is essential for them to educate themselves on other philosophies, especially the Tao de Ching which LRH himself advised Scientologists study.

Rathbun's change in direction is not so much a change in direction but an effort to help Scientology disseminate itself. By taking time to study other bodies of scientific thought and spiritual wisdom, a Scientologist no longer seems to be a one-note horn — which is very off-putting to non-Scientologists. In other words, when a Scientologist can integrate Scientology with things like the Tao and modern Scientific advances which continue to parallel LRH's discoveries, the subject of Scientology becomes much more attractive.

In November, 2012, Hall launched yet another strategicly important Scientology website, scientologyreviews.com as a massive unbiased review and rating system “for everything Scientology” covering,

  1. Every LRH book
  2. Every LRH lecture series
  3. Every auditing service on the Bridge
  4. Every training service on the Bridge
  5. Independent Scientology auditors and centers
  6. CoS service orgs
  7. CoS management orgs (including OSA and RTC), and last but not least,
  8. David Miscavige’s programs

The Independent Movement represents both a new beginning and a sure-fire way to shatter the suppression of Scientology: by enabling Independent Scientologists to flourish and prosper. It wasn't Independent Scientologists who caused Scientology to go up in smoke, it was the corporation's own corrupt and despicable acts — breaking up thousands of families through disconnection, misappropriating millions of dollars, and even ordering the murder of hundreds of unborn children that would otherwise have been delivered to deserving parents on staff.

If anyone wonders how and why the Church of Scientology came to employ the cold-war methods made famous by such organizations as the CIA, KGB and Stasi, all you have to do is examine the magnitude of their crimes. While Marty's blog, Scientology-cult and others continue the dirty work of getting in Ethics, iScientology.org symbolizes a task that is just as important — bringing Scientology back into alignment with itself.

With iScientology.org we are meeting the new operating model for Scientology forced into existence by public demand. Every Independent Scientologist has helped to plant our flag, a flag that now waves proudly here.

Its system of reviews has never before been available for all things Scientology. The Church itself issues mainly propaganda according to Miscavige's motto of "put in a fishhook and jam it down their throats."

Many more Scientologists — hundreds or perhaps even thousands — have contributed to this movement and made it what it is including Jim Logan who traveled like Johnny Appleseed moving people up the Bridge, Mike Laws who quietly makes things happen behind the scenes, and so MANY more including dozens of auditors and case supervisors who picked up the hats dropped by the Church to get people moving up the Bridge. This is not a full history of the entire movement — that would require many volumes. And no doubt that book will be written.


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Michael Priv
# Michael Priv 2013-02-04 13:07
Just as the title suggests, it is the history, it is a historic document. As such it puts lots of things in order and indicates a main path that Indies traveled so far. I am in awe. Great job!
Utterly Confused
+1 # Utterly Confused 2013-12-18 09:53
I'm so impressed. Well done!
Jeff Celentano
+1 # Jeff Celentano 2015-10-19 19:35
Really diggin' all of Steve's independent Scientology websites. Since most of LRH's books are easily available on Amazon, Ebay, etc for next to nothing and/or one can download the majority of the "Basics" online for free, learning about the subject has never been easier or more affordable. Pick up a copy of Self Analysis and Handbook For Preclears on any of the above mentioned website or at your local library and self process away without ever setting foot into an "ideal org".
# WellDoneKeepGoing 2016-04-27 04:04
Thanks for such an informative piece. I love that IS is keeping the true tech taught and applied. It is wonderful to see that the way forward is good,strong and healthy. Many millions of people will benefit from IS.
# ThamesianSteve 2016-06-16 13:02
Pure oxygen, pure oxygen!!!.. I am seeing and thinking properly for the first time since (long before) leaving the toxic area of the UK CoS many years ago

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