Independent Scientology represents a simple answer to a mad man who thought he could monopolize and corporatize spiritual existence.

That simple answer is "NO!"

For Scientologists leaving the Church it all begins with waking up and coming to one's senses as to the actual condition of the Church.

For new people who have had the good fortune never to have entered a Church of Scientology, welcome.

The "business model" for Independent Scientology is entirely build upon the concept of volunteerism and initiative. This website, for example, was created by a Scientologist who you can read about in our History. He funded the website, wrote it, designed it. He is open to suggestions if you think it can be improved. Your acceptance is entirely voluntary. If you like what is written here and it agrees with your common sense, then you are free to use it. It is simply a gift by someone who cares.

Independent Scientology is grassroots and community-based. It is not an organization, it is a movement. It is not an organized religion, it is a spiritual movement that believes the final authority on the spiritual evolvement of any one individual is the individual himself. If you are not your own leader in Independent Scientology you have not arrived.

We have L. Ron Hubbard and all his discoveries and technology. But all of that was intended to do one thing: place YOU in control of your own life. So the best time to start is now.

For nearly four years we have been involved in a battle to create broad awareness that the Church of Scientology is a public menace. Someone had to pull out its fangs. The Church fought back but failed miserably. In less than four short years CoS influence has diminished to such a low ebb they are no longer even a factor in what we are now doing. They are irrelevant, a vacuum for trouble and the butt of jokes.

The purpose of this site is to help rekindle the original mission of Scientology — to help people move up to higher levels of awareness and ability. 

Through the many discoveries and developments of L. Ron Hubbard, through Scientology counseling and training, that journey is incredibly rewarding. And in the end, it's the only thing that matters.

 From The Auditor, No 10, 1965,

Man is so visibly MAN that he overlooked in most of his philosophies and all of his sciences that there is more than one state of existence attainable by man.

Indeed, until we came along and changed their minds, all nineteenth century psychologists stated that man could never change. And described only one state of existence — mortal man.

If you think about it for a moment, you will see that there are many states of existence even in man. He is rich or poor, well or sick, old or young, married or single. If man can alter his state of existence as a man, could he be anything else than a man? Or a woman or a boy or a girl?

There are two or more lower (and abhorrent) states of existence.

The state of ANIMAL is quite often descended to by man as a chronic condition. Not only in mental hospitals, but in life, one can find such changes. Indeed, since 1870 the psychologists have said man was an animal.

Man can also change to a state of matter. This is also seen in mental hospitals.

But those are lower states. Are there any upper and happier states?

These are the whole of the horizon and attainment of Scientology. We are not seeking to make the insane sane. We are seeking to make a man into a higher being.

 Those of us who have many years of experience with Scientology have found the dream of attaining higher state of wisdom and awareness is real. You will have to study long and hard to really get there yourself. There is no magic pill, it takes dedication and guts to get to the top. The good news is you can get there if you are willing. And there is no more rewarding journey than the pursuit of Understanding.


one of those who see
+1 # one of those who see 2012-10-13 13:36
Steve!!!!! I am having trouble finding the words to let you know how absolutely fabulous this is. Your ability to communicate is at such a high level that it is a win just to know that level can exist!!! I just love the website. We have arrived. Scientology is alive and well. I am back in session with a wonderful Independent Auditor. I am so grateful that you do what you do. I am confident we will meet soon and I can give you that well deserved hug. Really it's an honor to know you.

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